RooR Bong Prize Draw

Hi OK here is your chance to win this lovely roor bong. Its simple really all you need to do is purchase any BONG from and then do one of the following.

1) Get 10 people you know who are into roor bongs to sign up to the free roor-bongs newsletter. they must all opt-in to get news and updates from roor-bongs. Every 10 people get you one free entry they must put your email address in their sign up email OR send an email to stating that they signed up to the newsletter and have your email address in the email. this gets you 1 free entry per 10 people. Include the order number for the bong you purchased.


2) If you are a member of a smoking forum or any alternative lifestyle forums then when you buy something from we will make you an affiliate. We will send you a link, place this link into you forum signature. Send an email to with a link to a forum post that you have made showing the link in your signature. This will then get you 1) the entry into the prize draw. 2) A passive income of 5% of whatever is sold using your affiliate ID. We will pay you in vouchers so you could even earn enough to buy a new roor bong for nothing!! wicked or what?? This gets you 1 free entry per unique forum.


3) When you buy ANY product we will send you an affiliate ID that you can use to link to We will send you the format for the link and you can put this anywhere on your own personal web site, on your blog anywhere really including your forum signature. When you do this just email with a link to the web page or blog and we will then enter you into the prize draw. We will pay you 5% of all sales which are paid using vouchers. So every month you will get an email with a voucher to spend on all those lovely roor products. Don't miss out! This gets you 1 free entry per unqiue domain and/or unique blogging website. For the avoidance of doubt the blogs must be used and updated, setting up more than one blog for this promotion will invalidate your entry.


Any or all of these steps are open to you to complete your entry into the prize draw. The amount of entries you have is entirely upto how hard you work the linking and newsletters sign ups!! Tell your friends, tell everyone you know about this exciting chance to win a �1400 that's a $2000 roor bong from

This promotion ends on 30.11.2009 have the pipe in time for christmas!!! Although you affiliate earnings are for life!

now do you want to go shopping

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