RooR Bowls

Give your RooR that exclusive touch with a range of specialist and decorative bowls.


RooR Bowls - Large

A fuller Larger Bowl RooR Bowls - Large

This is the daddy of the bowl range. You will need some serious tackle to fill this bowl.

RooR Bowls - Medium

This is the standard roor bowl RooR Bowls - Medium

This bowl is the bowl that ships with all of roor bongs. Its a medium size!

RooR Bowls - Small

A smaller bowl for your roor. RooR Bowls - Small

This is a basic replacement bowl for your roor with a smaller bowl.

RooR Wooden Bowl Holders

Display your Bowls in Style RooR Wooden Bowl Holders

Handmade in Germany these bowl holders allow the dedicated RooR Enthusiast to display their collection of bowls in style. Available in two sizes with each holder being of one size.

Screen Notch

An added notch for your screen ;-) Screen Notch

its got a notch!

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