RooR Accessories

Exclusive RooR accessories to make your smoking experience full on RooR.


RooR Hand Blown Crown Stash Jars

The Ultimate Stash from RooR RooR Hand Blown Crown Stash Jars

These are completely handblown stash jars from RooR. These have a crown opening and have a handfinished cork stopper. The ultimate to keep your stash fresh and secure with looks to die for. Comes in various coloured crowns, picture for illustration only, colours will vary.

RooR Poker

The must have accessory RooR Poker

RooR Poker to keep your mix burnin smoothly.

Roor Spliff Adapter

Toke it easy! Roor Spliff Adapter

for when you want to toke your spliff through your glass. The roor spliff adapter is perfect for making that toke so much smoother. A must have accessory for the serious smoker.

RooR Stash Holders

Airtight for Fresh Stash RooR Stash Holders

These stash holders are excellent value for money.

RooR Stash Jar - Medium

The Medium RooR Stash Jar RooR Stash Jar - Medium

These airtight stash jars from roor, offer the perfect glass on glass jar for storage.

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