RooR Accessories

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Exclusive RooR accessories to make your smoking experience full on RooR.


RooR Stash Jar - Small

The smallest RooR Stash Jar RooR Stash Jar - Small

These airtight stash jars from roor, offer the perfect glass on glass jar for storage.

RooR Wooden Bowl Holders

Display your Bowls in Style RooR Wooden Bowl Holders

Handmade in Germany these bowl holders allow the dedicated RooR Enthusiast to display their collection of bowls in style. Available in two sizes with each holder being of one size.

Sandblasted RooR Ashtrays

RooR in clear glass relief. Sandblasted RooR Ashtrays

This ashtray features the roor logo in clear glass relief against a sandblasted ashtray. Very nicely done and has a unique look.

Stopper for cleaning

when cleaning use this stopper Stopper for cleaning

stopper for the bong when cleaning

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