RooR Accessories

Exclusive RooR accessories to make your smoking experience full on RooR.


RooR Bowl Holder

RooR think of everything RooR Bowl Holder

to help keep your bowl upright when filling or cleaning, or indeed swapping.

RooR Bowls - Large

A fuller Larger Bowl RooR Bowls - Large

This is the daddy of the bowl range. You will need some serious tackle to fill this bowl.

RooR Cleaner

Keep your lungs and your roor clean RooR Cleaner

Roor solution must be stored out of children’s reach. Must not be inhaled or swallowed. Avoid skin or eye contact. No liability will be taken in case of misuse or improper application.

RooR Glass Gauze

In the states you call them screens! RooR Glass Gauze

Unique glass gauze/screen for a cleaner smoking experience.

RooR Hand Blown Crown Ashtray

The Ultimate Ashtray from RooR RooR Hand Blown Crown Ashtray

These ashtrays have been handblown and crowned in various colours. The crowns are brilliant and this is the ultimate ashtray fro your coffee table. A complete talking point and being hand blown each is unique. The ashtrays shown are for illustration only the ashtray you will get could be any colour.

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