5.0mm Thick RooR Waterpipes

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All roor waterpipes featured in this section have an outer wall thickness of 5mm making them very strong. All our roor products are manufactured by roor bongs of germany and amsterdam and are not U.S.A. inferior copies.


RooR Bongs Ice Fair Master

Bigger, Wider, Longer, Smoother..... RooR Bongs Ice Fair Master

The main differences between this and the Ice Master are its 10cm Longer, 5mm Wider. Velvet Smooth Hits everytime. 3 part bong, ground joint: 14.5mm or 18.8mm, glass thickness: 5mm

RooR Bongs Ice Master

Now you're really chillin..... RooR Bongs Ice Master

Unique Ice Notches for a cooler, tastier smoking experience. 3 Part Bong; joint 14.5mm or 18.8; glass thickness of 5mm.

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