RooR Diffusers and Downtubes

This section covers the world famous roor diffuser probably the best smokign accessory for your roor. period! Also in here are replacement roor downtubes just in case you have broken your roor.


RooR 1 part Downtube

1 part 14.5mm downtube RooR 1 part Downtube

Not cut to measurements, simple one part downtube.

RooR 3 Part Downtube.

Please take careful measurements. RooR 3 Part Downtube.

We are dedicated to helping you fix your roor. However please make careful measurements of the length marked x on the picture. Each RooR bong has an individual down tube, we need this measurement to ensure optimal smoking efficiency.

Roor Bongs - Downtube Convertor

Lets you use your 14.5 bowls on 18.8 bongs Roor Bongs - Downtube Convertor

This adapter lets you use your 14.5 bowls on 18.8 bongs. Neat piece of kit for those who have collections of both

RooR Diffuser


Finally RooR have allowed us to stock the diffuser, the first in the UK to stock the diffuser down tubes. make sure you pick the right length for your bong, these diffusers are NON RETURNABLE. (you statutory rights are unaffected)

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