RooR Accessories

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Exclusive RooR accessories to make your smoking experience full on RooR.


RooR Active Carbon Filter

unique roor filter RooR Active Carbon Filter

This unique filter is designed to be filled with active charcoal to help filter more carcinogens from your smoke. The active charcoal filters out unwanted components in the smoke thus making the toke smoother and less harsh. Active carbon can be obtained from any aquatic centre for minimal cost.

RooR Anti Lime Solution

Keeps Glass crystal clear! RooR Anti Lime Solution

No longer will you suffer from that "milky" deposit on the inside of your immacualtely cleaned RooR Glass. This Anti-Lime solution used as a rinse will keep your glass lovely and clear. Use in association with RooR Cleaner for the optimal bong cleaning solution.

RooR Ashtray

The ultimate in chic RooR Ashtray

Ashtray to finish of your RooR collection.

RooR Bong Bag

Now you're really travellin in style RooR Bong Bag

Keep your bong protected, with the first fully padded bong bag by RooR. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, one main side zipper to open the bag with a drawstring to close top opening. Inside there is a removable velcro held accessories holder.

Roor Bongs - Downtube Convertor

Lets you use your 14.5 bowls on 18.8 bongs Roor Bongs - Downtube Convertor

This adapter lets you use your 14.5 bowls on 18.8 bongs. Neat piece of kit for those who have collections of both

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