RooR Merchandise

Roor Merchandise Keyrings, Rolling Papers etc


Dichroic Glass Pendant

Genuine Roor Glass Pendant Dichroic Glass Pendant

Hang from a strip of leather or from a fine lace, these dichroic pendants are well made. The Om is a symbol of peace and meditation and is a perfect gift.

RooR Beanie Hats

Colourful Beanie Hats RooR Beanie Hats

These beanie hats have the roor logo embroidered on the front. Very nice, we love them.

RooR Flex Fit Baseball Caps

The ultimate RooR Cap RooR Flex Fit Baseball Caps

These come in many differetn colours, that is BLACK with differetn coloured logo's. They fit any head snugly using the flex-fit system. Look great on and have a long peak to keep the sun out of tired, red, eyes.

RooR Keyrings

100% Pure Hemp RooR Keyrings

Pure Hemp keyrings with the roor logo embroidered on the front, available in two different colours. These are premier keyrings with a good metal key ring! buy them they are sooooo cool!

RooR Rolling Papers

100% Pure Hemp Papers RooR Rolling Papers

worlds first vegetarian paper, even the glue is hemp glue! No animal products were used during production of this paper it is the worlds first 100% pure hemp paper even down to the glue. And the stick when licked. Nice feel to these papers, very much a linen feel, we love 'em.

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