3.2mm Thick RooR Bongs

All the roor waterpipes shown in this section have an outer wall thickness of 3.2mm. These roor bongs are made by roor of germany and amsterdam and are NOT U.S.A copies!


RooR Bongs - Mini Master 18.8

A smaller, trimmer Ice Master RooR Bongs - Mini Master 18.8

EXCLUSIVE to weedcity.com the Mini Master from RooR. Using a 3.2mm chassis and adding the famous notches RooR have produced a pipe set to become a classic. The affordable Mini Master puts an ice tube in the reach of everyone.

Roor Bongs Ashcatchers

WOW we now do Ashcatchers. Roor Bongs Ashcatchers

At last a site in english that lets you buy ashcatchers for your RooR be sure to tell your roor bong buying friends we do the roor ashcatcher.

RooR Bongs Bong 3.2

Ya'll know that this is a meanie }8-)}..... RooR Bongs Bong 3.2

3.2mm of pure Bora Silicate RAW RooR.... 3 part bong; ground joint 14.5mm; glass thickness 3.2mm.

RooR Bongs Little Sista

Its the Dealers Cup's Little Sista!! RooR Bongs Little Sista

Just like the dealers cup in form and shape the little sista just crys out for a new home, its the best value for money Ice Roor on the market and set to become the best seller!!!

RooR Little Sista - Pink Lady

A subtle transparent pink logo RooR Little Sista - Pink Lady

This lovely little sista is perfect for the love in your life, even if that is yourself! With a subtle transparent pink logo this is the bong that says I LOVE YOU! but not in a gay way ;-) have fun with this Pink Lady.

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