5.0mm Thick RooR Waterpipes

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All roor waterpipes featured in this section have an outer wall thickness of 5mm making them very strong. All our roor products are manufactured by roor bongs of germany and amsterdam and are not U.S.A. inferior copies.


RooR Bongs - Little Sista 5mm Thick

Extra Thickness, Weedcity.com Exclusive RooR Bongs - Little Sista 5mm Thick

Weedcity.com do it again with their exclusive RooR 5mm thick ORANGE label Little Sista. Completely unique to us this Little Sista has an Orange Label and is 5mm thick. The most popular RooR beaker is now available in a new thickness 5mm!

RooR Bongs 5.0 Ice Master - The Union

Unique Tri Label Roor Bong - 45cm Tall RooR Bongs 5.0 Ice Master - The Union

Made exclusively to our design to celebrate the London UK Hemp Expo is "The Union" a traditional Red,White and Blue Tri Logo RooR.The bong has had fitted three logos around the body of the bong in the traditional Union colours of Red, White and Blue. Celebrate "The Union".

Roor Bongs Ashcatchers

WOW we now do Ashcatchers. Roor Bongs Ashcatchers

At last a site in english that lets you buy ashcatchers for your RooR be sure to tell your roor bong buying friends we do the roor ashcatcher.

RooR Bongs Bong 5.0

The Ice Masters apprentice..... RooR Bongs Bong 5.0

All the fun off the rocks, no ice. 3 part bong; ground joint 14.5mm; glass thickness 5.0mm.

RooR Bongs Dealers Cup Ice


Dealers Cup the premier bong from RooR. Voted No1 at by Headshops throughout Europe and beyond. 3 part bong, ground joint: 14.5mm or 18.8mm, height: 55cm, glass thickness: 5mm

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